Rent Winter Mountaineering Equipment

If you want an independent mountaineering winter adventure on very demanding and challenging trails in the heart of the Karawanks or in the Julian Alps but would like to ensure your safety, you should rent modern avalanches and other winter equipment.

We rent: winter – 6 mountain axes, 2 pair technical axes,  6 pairs crampons
We can deliver our equipment where yuo want and we charge 0,8€ per km from us to where you are.
In case of bigger group, we can provide in prior arrangement more gear and sets.

Rental equipment is paid on receipt; return is to the same place as pick-up.
Equipment rental is not insured against theft or damage, so please be careful handling it. In case of loss, damage or theft you must pay compensation in 70 % of the price in the store.
In case of renting avalanches set you will pay 30€ deposit for more economical use of equipmnet.
You use equipment on your own risk.
You can’t rent equipment for more than 8 days