Via Ferrata Mojstrovka: Hanzova route

From EUR 250

Join us on an adventure and climb one of the oldest via ferrata in Slovenia, starting at the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, Vršič 1611m and climb to the top of the Mala Mojstrovka from where you have wonderful views on the Julian Alps.

From EUR 250

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The path begins at the highest road pass Vrsic (1611m) and leads us through the saddle beneath Robičje to the north side of the Mala Mojstrovka 2335m. From there, we take a look on right at the typical shelf, where the lower part of the trail is well secured with steel wires  and staples. In the upper part of the path, we are more open in the wall, and the ending part leads us to the right of the ridge of the peak Šitna glava (2085m). The top pyramid is mostly unsecured with steel wire, but it offers beautiful ridge climbing, which brings us to the peak of Mala Mojstrovka. We descend on the south side, following a gravel path to the saddle of Vratca (1985m) from there, over scree back to the Vršič road.


From June till October.

Dificulty and duration

  • 6-7h
  • 720m of vertical gain.
  • 500m climbing
  • Grade: B-C


Julian Alps, Mala Mojstrovka


Appropriate mountain clothes and shoes, helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata system, backpack and other equipment suggested by guide.