Terms and conditions

Please note that credit card payments for Turistično društvo in Center gorskega vodništva are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland (“TREKKSOFT”). Therefore, TREKKSOFT will appear as TREKKSOFT TOUR BOOKING on your credit card statement for the payment of this booking. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.

Please send an email to finance@trekksoft.com for all inquiries regarding your credit card payments and chargebacks.

Every effort is made to provide safe & well-maintained equipment. As the renter you are responsible for making sure the equipment fits your needs and that you are able to properly use it. INFO Mojstrana cannot be responsible for your knowledge of the equipment or how you will use it when you leave. If you have questions, please ask them before you leave. The equipment is paid for when rented and is to be returned to the original renting location. The equipment is not insured: careful handling is thus highly recommended and expected. A fee is expected to be paid if the equipment is either lost, stolen or damaged. The renter shall keep the equipment in a good state of repair, normal wear and tear excepted. The equipment is expected to be returned undamaged and cleaned, ready to be rented out again.


I agree to assume sole liability for any injuries or damages received while using the rented equipment!


Your rights will always be respected with regards to your personal data, and you will always be informed of them. Your personal data will never be disclosed to other parties, except when necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data was collected. In case you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us at info@mojstrana.com.


Cancellations are possible at least 24 hours before the rental. If the cancellation is not made, the full price of the rental is charged.